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Since the dawn of time, the human species have been using their olfactory senses in the course of their life and it has been proven that smell or are our olfactory senses have a very important role in our decision and reactions. Now tastes and preferences vary from person to person and yet there is
Liquor is defined as any beverage that has been distilled. It includes alcoholic beverages such as rum, vodka, whiskey etc. Its alcohol content varies from twenty to forty per cent though in some cases, it may be more. It is important to note that liquor is not sweet- it may have slightly sweet undertones but
Historically, castles were constructed by European kings and rulers to keep the intruders away with their draw bridges, turrets and watchtowers, and thick walls. The other reason behind the construction of these castles was to remind the public who was in charge. Many are planning to go to Europe to visit castles, do you know,